National Museum of Nature and Science

sign of National Museum of Nature and Sciences stuffed animal Hayabusa big dinosaurs myriad year clock

Kahaku has worth collections and dinosaurs!?

National Museum of Nature and Science (other name is Kokuritsu Kagaku hakubutsukan or Kahaku) located northeast in Ueno Park in Tokyo was constructed in 1877. It's one of the oldest museum in Japan and is the only museum operated by Japanese goverment. It has more than four millions collections, some of them are named Important Cultural Properties by Japanese goverment.

The Important Cultural Properties are the following: the globe made by Shunkai Shibukawa in 1695, the astronomical telescope imported from in England in 1880, the Milne seismograph the oldest seismograph in Japan, the gramophone imported from in England in 1878, the myriad year clock made by Hisashige Tanaka founder of TOSHIBA in 1851.

mini dinosaurs A6M Zero (Zerosen)

It has many collection to see except them, of course. Displays whose theme is nature of Japan and Japanese exhibits suff of extinct species and faithful dog Hachiko and more. Other displays whose theme is earth and human exhibits specimen of dinosaurs, coelacanthiformes , archaeopteryx, and the famous fighter aircraft Mitsubishi A6M Zero (Zerosen), an unmanned spacecraft Hayabusa made by NEC and more.

There are English signages throughout and an English audio guide(300yen), so you can understand them.