The Kan-eiji (temple)

Kaneiji Kaneiji temple mausoleums of Tokugawa Shogun1 mauoleum of Tokugawa2

Kan-eiji has mausoleums of the Shogun!

The Kan-eiji leads north of Ueno Park in Tokyo is the temple has mausoleums of the six Tokugawa Shogun, Ietsuna, Tsunayoshi, Yoshimune, Ieharu, Ienari, Iesada. It's known as the place the last Shogun (Yoshinobu Tokugawa) stayed after restoration of imperial rule. There are portrait and photo of him and his furniture in Kan-eiji.

However, mausoleums isn't usually open to the public, so if you'd like to see it, you should apply to the pffice of Kan-eiji web site (only Japanese!)

You think it's difficult, you can see the gate of the mausoleums in a road.